Morning Run

I see you!

Yeah you, there in your car passing me on your way to work. I see the bagel in your mouth and a coffee in your hand. I see the eyes roll as you drive by rushing to the office, only to sit in front of a computer screen all day.

I see you! 

Yeah you, the truck driver who mumbles under his breath “Damn Runners” as he speeds on by, flicking his cigarette butt out the window.

I see you!

Yeah you, the motorcycle rider who shakes his head as he revs his motor and speeds on by, trying to get in a quick ride before he starts his day.

I see you!

Yeah you, the frustrated school bus driver with bouncing children hanging out the windows as you travel on by.

I see you!

But guess what else I see?

I see the sun as it wakes up to greet the day.

I see the birds taking flight to dance in the sky and find food for their young.

 I see the farmers out plowing the fields as morning breaks through the dusk waking up our earth for another wonderful day.

I see the darkness of the sky turn shades of pink and blue, as if someone took a paintbrush and made a beautiful painting for only me to see.

These beautiful wonderful things happen each and every day and most of us are way too busy to notice.

 Running makes you notice the little things, the magical things that happen when most people aren’t paying attention.

 Sometimes runners are the first people to greet the day, even before anyone else is out of bed. We don’t do this because we are “crazy” or because we enjoy the glares and dirty looks people give as they pass by.

We do this because there is no greater feeling in the world then the burning in your lungs, the crispness of the air, the silencing of your inner doubts and the sense of accomplishment when you finish an early morning run.

By: Carmel Calzavara