Run for the Cure – 5K

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation hosted a 5K event downtown Guelph and for some reason I thought I could do it, LOL

It would be my first 5K run…and it was important to me that I at least try, even if I have to walk the whole way. It was an event I felt passionate about and I really wanted to do well.

I had no idea what I was doing, I hadn’t trained for it, and I was completely unprepared…but I was committed to running this 5K even if it killed me!

One of our dear family friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I wanted to show her my support and encouragement. She was too sick to attend the event but our church put together a team in her honor.

Our team name was “Siyahamba” which means “We are Marching”

The name came from a Hymn that we sing regularly in our service.
We met our team at the Church to gather in prayer before we headed to the event.
We prayed for all those fighting breast cancer and all those we have lost to the fight.
Then while standing in a circle, we sang…

“We are marching in the light of God.
We are marching, we are marching, ooh,
we are marching in the light of God”

It was very moving and I have to admit I cried.

It was an inspirational day that raised significant funds for CBCF, the largest charitable funder of breast cancer research in Canada

 I struggled A LOT physically at this run, but seeing the courage on so many women in pink shirts run and walk this event fueled me! I managed to finish, with my husband by my side at a respectable 42 minutes.

It was a big moment for me, as I never thought I would ever be able to complete it. I cried at the finish line, but I was very proud of myself.


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