CN Tower Climb

This was a bucket list item for me… I have always wanted to say…

“I climbed the CN Tower”

The tallest free-standing structure on land for over 30 years!!

No matter what my next crazy idea is, my husband John, is always a willing participant.
This event was no exception… with him by my side (sometimes pushing me from behind) we climbed 1760 stairs to the very top!!!

This event was for the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) an amazing charity who’s mission is

 “To stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature”

The stairs we climbed were the emergency stairs, meaning there were no windows, just concrete and stairs.

So if you were claustrophobic or afraid of tight enclosed spaces this definitely would not be the event for you 🙂 I have to admit it was pretty scary inside, especially with all those people.

A few times I thought it might be best to sprint up a few flights, but that only left me winded and tired.

We made it to the top together in pretty good time 🙂 Exhausted but thrilled at what we had just accomplished!

Families of the climbers were able to go to the top at a discounted rate, so they could see their family members reach the top. We were thrilled to see our family there cheering us on. It was a wonderful moment for us.

The CN Tower offers these climbs ONLY two times a year…Once in spring for WWF and once in Fall for the United Way. If your ever given the chance to try this, I would highly recommend it.

Now every time I head into Toronto and I see that tower…I know I climbed it to the very top!

What an amazing feeling.


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