City Chase

What the heck is City Chase?

The Goodlife Fitness City Chase is Canada’s Largest Urban Adventure!

The Chase tests both your fitness and your mind. Navigate your way through the city, find and complete at least ten check points (challenges) and race to the finish before the six hour time limit is finished.

Our team name was “Stuck Like Glue” which I thought was a great name since John and I always seem to be stuck like glue 🙂

This was very challenging for us because it was racing through downtown Toronto, with only a map and a TTC pass.

Neither of us had a smart phone, nor did we even know what a smart phone was LOL!
We did a lot of following.

At one check point we had to walk on stilts, at another we had to eat a dog treat, and another was to hit a squash ball and score a point.
We completed this event having successfully finished 10 check points, in 5 hours and 22 minutes and came in at a respectable 317th place out of 505 teams…smack dab in the middle of the pack 🙂

What a great day in the big city! We saw places we had never seen before and did some things we have never done before….It was an adventure!

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