S.O.A.R. (Southern Ontario Amazing Race)

This race was truly “Amazing”  John and I didn’t place in the top of the pack but we had a BLAST trying to get there LOL! It was challenging and fun!

I was blown away by so many things it is so hard to put it into words and I find myself thinking of the race daily and what I could have done differently and all the adventures we had.

The first thing that really made me think that isn’t like any other charity event we have ever participated in was when we were welcomed by Matt and Darren. “Carmel and John right?” …
Our first names, everyone knew us by our first names before we were even introduced! We weren’t a number! Right away I felt like I was apart of something special.

This event was so well organized and executed! Even at the back of the pack, we always felt like people were rooting for us and encouraging us to press forward. Even when we weren’t full of smiles and positive vibes 🙂 *Guilty*

No matter what time we arrived for lunch or dinner, there was always food waiting for us when we arrived, and not just any food, HOT and Healthy food!!  Not thin burgers and mystery meat hot dogs, but REAL DELICIOUS food! AMAZING job!! WOW!!

Brampton kicked our sorry butts but I wouldn’t change a thing. We laughed , we cried and we got really frustrated but we had such a great time!! After all this is called “Amazing Race” it isn’t suppose to be easy 🙂

ALL  Directors and Volunteers were encouraging and made us feel like family.
Not being allowed to bring a camera was hard for me because I am a scrapbooker and a hobby photographer, however, I know that if I had my camera it would have slowed me down because there was so much I wanted to capture. I am so glad that there were photographers at hand.

John and I are already talking about if we are selected to race again next year, and what we can do to differently, and what fundraisers we can start NOW, so that we can collect as many pledges as possible. 🙂 It’s like S.O.A.R just gets in your blood, and you can’t think of anything else!!

There are a few things that would have made our adventure a little better: a Highlighter (This would have been useful in marking the map) and #1 thing I will not race without next time is muscle cream! LOL Good thing our cabin mates thought to bring some and share with us 🙂 There is nothing like a cabin full of sweaty SOAR racers and the smell of A-535!! Oh the memories!

It seems to me that the Directors planned and thought about ever detail of this race. Even what to do when a team goes missing for hours (sorry guys) LOL When we arrived at the “Northern Most Court” we were exhausted and relieved to see everyone…and were touched to hear people were concerned about us.

John and I have done many organized charity events, but nothing compares to our SOAR experience….From the moment we walked into the Curling Club we felt like family!!!!

The whole experience was AMAZING…Repelling down buildings, flying in a helicopter, eating a 100 year old duck egg (GROSS) and even getting lost, it was part of the experience and I wouldn’t change a thing!!

Awesome event! 🙂


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