Stash Dash – 5K

I started attending a transformation studio called
“The Pound”
I wanted to lose some weight and get into shape.
The Pound is a new brand of training that promise more results in less time.

I had already lost weight and started feeling better when my trainer suggested that I try this.

A 5K event they were hosting for two wonderful charities:
Movember which supports Testicular Cancer awareness and the Guelph Food Bank.

The event was to run 2.5K from the Pound studio to the Guelph Food Bank with a backpack full of food to donate. Drop the food off and run the 2.5K back while wearing a sexy mustache 🙂

I had doubts as to if I could even finish a 5K run, let alone in the winter and with a few pounds of food carried on my back!

With the encouragement of my trainer “Bryan” and my husband by my side, I decided just to go for it!

We completed that 5K side by side in only 36.25 minutes! Not too bad 🙂

We received a cool T-Shirt and fun pink mustache.

After this event, I thought I might enjoy running someday.

After this run I felt like I could do ANYTHING!!!

I couldn’t wait to run again, It felt so amazing to know that I completed something so strong…not struggling and praying for it to be over! LOL

This was only my second ever 5K and it lit a fire in me that I just couldn’t shake.
Loved the run, Loved the support from “The Pound” and loved being able to complete this run with John by my side.


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