Harry’s Spring Run Off – 5K

My first Medal!!!

From this run on, I was hooked on earning BLING!

After my last 5K, I was super excited to be doing my first 5K that I actually trained for! Even more excited to be doing it with my Husband 🙂

The course was in a beautiful park, but it was a bit cool.

This event was huge, or at least way bigger than anything I had ever done before. There was over 1000 runners there!! As soon as we lined up in our corrals I thought, “Oh Boy, what did I get myself into?”

I looked at John and he could tell I was worried…he says “Don’t worry, whatever happens we are doing it together” and that was all I needed to ease my mind.

We started out good, we ran for a full 10 min before needing a walk break 🙂 I struggled through this run as I didn’t realize there were so many hills!!

The last hill was HUGE and it was about 800 feet from the finish line 😦

We finished together at a time of only 33:02, beating our last time by three minutes!
We received an amazing medal and T-Shirt.

What a rush!

I believe I have found a new passion…I love to RUN!!! 🙂 YAY!



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