Bum Run – 5K

The Bum Run is a not for profit organization founded by Dr. Ian Bookman, a gastroenterologist in Toronto, with the goal of raising awareness about colorectal cancer screening in order to prevent the 95% of cancer deaths which still needlessly occur.

I dedicated this run to my dear friend, Keri,  who passed away many years ago of Colon Cancer.
Keri never seized to make me feel special, needed and beautiful, even when I couldn’t see it myself she was able to pull that belief out of me.

She was an amazing friend to me so whenever I can find an event that will honor her memory, I always try and do it, kind of like my way of saying, “still thinking of you and miss you dearly”.

It was an emotional run, especially when it was over…I felt like she would have been right there on the side lines screaming and cheering for me.

When I crossed that finish line, it wasn’t the completion of the 5K that made me teary…It was that little voice inside my head that was so Keri saying…”You did it Lady!! I’m proud of you!”

Today’s run was my way of telling her, I haven’t forgotten her fight, her struggle and my promise, to do what I can to help fight colon cancer for future generations.

Colon cancer isn’t a cancer that has a lot of fundraisers or even a lot of awareness, so events like this are extremely important.

My finish time was 36:27

I received a long sleeve shirt and cute medal.

Miss you Doll..XO



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