Toronto Pearson Runway Run – 5K

What a RUSH!!!

Running the runway on the busiest airports in the country.

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Big jumbo jets landing while you run! It was amazing!

I selected this run because my husband loves planes, so when I told him we could run along side of them as they were landing and taking off…well, he was in his glory!!

No matter what I want to do, John is always willing to do it with me…in a way I choose this run for him because I wanted to give him a little thank you for always being by my side…I knew he would really enjoy running this event, besides how many people can say they ran on a runway?

The course was of course flat and fast. Also a bit smelly, from the burning rubber of planes landing 🙂

We completed this run with a time of 32:23 … The best part is we even beat our best time by over a minute!!! 

Someone asked me once why I do so many events like this…the answer is simple, I LOVE IT!

I love to run, and I love attending events. Besides it keeps me active and on track to reaching my goals!

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