Laura Secord – 13.75K Walk

“On the evening of June 21, 1813 Laura Secord overheard American officers at her home in Queenston discuss plans to capture a British outpost located at John DeCew’s House, 32 kilometres away, near the area called Beaver Dams.

Early the next morning, Laura left her wounded husband and young children and walked through enemy lines and dangerous terrain to warn the British and their aboriginal allies of this impending attack by American forces.

 After many hours of difficult travel on an exceptionally hot and humid day, she stumbled upon an encampment of native allies who escorted her to DeCew House to deliver her fateful message to Lt. Fitzgibbon.

Armed with this information, an ambush was laid by aboriginal forces from Upper Canada and the Grand River that resulted in the surrender of nearly 600 American troops at the decisive Battle of Beaver Dams on June 24th, 1813.

Without Laura Secord’s bold contribution, Canada may not have existed as a nation today.” 

This hike was a lot of fun…hiking the same route that Laura Secord traveled so many years ago. Except she did it in bare feet and a dress!!

My friend, Tina and I spent the whole day together hiking, chatting and reflecting on this amazing women and imagining all the things she would have come across on her journey.

We hiked 13.75KM of the historic 32KM trail.

This was a very powerful and moving experience, and I was so glad to be able to share this with Tina.
If ever given the chance I would highly recommend hiking this trail.

We received a cool baseball cap and medal.

I will be doing this one again, for sure 🙂

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