Tough Mudder

This was a very messy and VERY tough event!!

This was a 20KM with 20 military style obstacles.

We were fortunate enough to completed this event with our Nephew, Eric.
It was awesome to do a challenging and memorable event like this with him.

We joined our Anytime Fitness Team and had a blast!!
It’s so nice to be a member of a Gym that organizes group outings like this.

We get to have fun, do something active and meet other gym members in a fun setting.

Anytime Fitness really has made a huge difference in our lives and we are very grateful for our Anytime Fitness Family.

I attempted EVERY challenge, and completed 90% of them…I had trouble with the hanging rings and anything to do with upper arm strength….but I completed everything else, including the electric shock at the end.

That was the worst part for me…The electric shock did me in…If it wasn’t for my team dragging me out of the mud, I would have died!

I Spent some time in the medic tent, but wouldn’t have changed a thing!

What an experience!

We got a little dirty, a little scratched up and lots of bruising, BUT….

Dirt washes, scratches heal and bruises fade…Memories last FOREVER! 

What an awesome event!!!!!


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