Tartan Twosome Sunset – 5K

I traveled with my Mom for my first ever back to back 5K’s…In beautiful Nova Scotia!!

Maritime Race Weekend

This is what I wrote in my journal after the first night…

I left my security blanket (hubby) at home and headed out to do my very first solo run….Can I do this? Can I run solo? Can I run in a dress, dressed like a pirate??

“I can and I will….I CAN AND I WILL!”

My hands are shaking, my heart is pounding, my shoes are tied, my music is set and I am as ready as I will ever be.

I can do this!  I can do this! I approach the corrals and make my way into the crowd. Hundreds of people all getting ready, setting their watches, gearing up their music…This is it…I am going to run my first 5K solo!

Am I really doing this? Am I actually running the Atlantic coast in Nova Scotia!!???
My knees are shaking, my palms are sweating…can this really be happening?
I stand among hundreds all waiting to accomplish the same goal….strangers of all walks of life (even Pirates!)

My heart is pounding so hard I feel like it will come right out of my chest!
More people are gathering in the gates now…I might throw up….NO! I’m not going to throw up…I can do this!

I start jumping on the spot, listening to the sounds of everyone’s excitement….then the loud speaker announces “five more minutes to start”

“OH MY GOD! I’m so nervous!!”…oops did I say that out loud?

I look around to see if anyone notices, and I catch the eye of the women beside me smiling…Yup! I said it out loud! UGH!

I kiss the necklace I wear proudly at every run, it’s inscribed with the words “I can & I will”, I glance out at the spectators and see my Mom waiting with camera in hand…This is her first time watching an event like this, and I am so glad she is here. 🙂

When the musket goes off the race has begun….

The sun is setting on the water and the view is spectacular!! I almost forgot I was running!

When I passed my first KM I realized that the women who smiled at me while waiting to start, was now running alongside of me. She looks at me and says “Your not running alone, your with hundreds of friends” I almost cried…I don’t know if she knew it, but that was the moment when all my fears left…she was right, I wasn’t alone, I was here in this beautiful place with all these amazing people, and I can do this!! She ran alongside of me for a few more minutes before she pulled ahead.

By 3KM I was so overcome with emotion. It was so beautiful…my heart was pounding, the sweat was pouring and I was DOING IT! “Keep it together!” I told myself, “You’re almost there!”

Once I hit 4KM I was chanting to myself, “Finish strong! Finish Strong!”

The sun was nearly completely gone, I can hear the crowd…ALMOST THERE!

When I rounded the last corner, and could see the finish…I knew what I had to do, balls to the wall….full out RUN!!! What a RUSH!!!

I DID IT!! And I did it faster than I had ever done it before!

Received Tech T and Cool Medal

Finished Time 31:27 (SOLO)

Beating my personal best by a full minute!! ARRR MATEY!!!

When the run was over, Mom and I had a lobster feast, listened to live band and watched an outstanding fireworks show on the water!

What a way to end an amazing event!





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