Toronto Zoo Run – 5K

When I thought there couldn’t be anything better than running…I discovered something better than all of that, even better than the BLING…

I have had the pleasure of sharing my love of running with some pretty important people in my life, and I’ve run alongside some of them, as they complete their very first run…well let me tell you there is nothing like it.

Seeing the pride that beams on their faces as they realize they just completed their very FIRST 5k!!!
Running makes me feel empowered and I love being able watching those I care
about feel empowered too!

This was my friends, Tina and Angela’s very first run, and they did amazing!

We never quit, we never gave up and WE COMPLETED IT!!!

Finished Time: 52:25

I discovered that it isn’t all about finish time, or where we placed, the swag or even the BLING…for me it’s about TIME…time spent with friends and family, it’s about moments…moments that will be forever etched on my heart. It’s about PRIDE…pride in myself…pride in others.

Even those who are not runners, come out to support me….seeing my family and friends cheering me on from the side lines… It’s a feeling that I will never forget or get tired of.

This is why I LOVE to run!!!!

We received a yellow Tech T and kick butt medal!


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