Diva Run – 5K

This was my Daughter, Rebecca’s first 5K!

We headed to Long Island, New York for girls weekend and the Diva 5K run!

Rebecca did incredible!
She placed 17th in her age group and clocked an amazing time!

She never quit and kept pushing herself to go further and further.
I am so very proud of her!

Running an event with your daughter is a feeling like nothing before, you know the fight is there deep within, but when you witness it first hand, being drawn out of her, it is nothing short of amazing!

Seeing her struggle but still push herself. Reaching for the impossible, and making it possible because she IS capable of amazing things.

A mother’s joy is watching her children accomplish something they once told themselves they could never do!

This run really was for the Diva inside of you…

* Our shirts were pink with a matching pink back pack sac kit.
* There was a Tierra and boa station near the finish line.
* Our medals had a crown on them and were awarded to us by topless male fire fighters
* then to top it all off we each received a long steam red rose and a glass of champagne!

Finished Time: 37:17

This was the most girly run I have ever done and it was a perfect mother/daughter girls weekend away. I love spending time with Rebecca and just being girls and having fun. This event was perfect.

We even had time to ventured on the subway and head into Manhattan for the evening. 🙂

Girls weekend away, running, shopping, adventure and a whole lot of laughs!

Memories I will never forget!

Rebecca slept most of the way home, but she totally earned it….I was so very proud of her.



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