Zombie Chase – 5K

Laurie and I traveled to Windsor for the Zombie Chase!

The route was beautiful along the Detroit River.

The gardens and sculptures along the route made for a nice back drop as the sun began to set and we are called to the start line.

One of the best parts about running is being able to share the experience with the ones you love, even those who are non-runners… My Niece Sarah and her Husband Jared, came to cheer us on and show their support. It’s an amazing feeling knowing people you love are waiting for you at the finish line, believing in you & cheering for you.

We chose this run based on location and the amazing Medal!!

Let’s face it, the medal is awesome!

A Large Frankenstein’s bride head, that glows in the dark and opens!!!

Can you say “PERFECT?!”


We were pretty bummed when we realized that we missed year one, when the medal was Frankenstein’s Monster! 😦 but oh well…This one kicked butt! 🙂

I found the three F’s in Windsor… Fast! Flat! Fun!…This might have to be a repeat location! Perfect for us to catch up with family and the three F’s makes this place a runner’s dream place to run!

This event was very well executed. From registration to Medal and celebration at the end everything was perfect!

This marked Laurie’s second run, and I do believe she is hooked! 🙂

Will be running this event again, for sure!

Finished Time: 37:07


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