Christmas Story – 5K

“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”

Awesome weekend away with my amazing friend, Tina and my side kick, John.

We traveled to Cleveland Ohio for this Christmas Story 5K run!

The Christmas Story movie has been a family tradition in our home since the beginning of our relationship, and being able to come to the place where the movie was filmed and go through the house/museum was truly a wonderful experience.

There were hundreds of people all running the streets of Cleveland in costumes, lamp hats and fuzzy bunny feet. What a fun event to be apart of.

Only two “not so great” things about this run…

#1- No Corals, with that many people the lack of corals makes staying with your group     difficult. We lost Tina almost right at the start 😦

#2 – They ran out of medals! Not good for those who came in after the medals were gone. 😦

Eventually the medals were mailed to the ones who didn’t get one. They blamed it on Black Bart! 🙂
Being as this was only their second year running the event, I think they did pretty good job.

The long wait to get into the house/Museum was totally worth it…and Santa showed up to keep us company while we were waiting in line 🙂

There was a store for purchasing leg lamps and other Christmas Story items.

It was cold and wet, but I had a lot of fun!!

This marks my last run of 2014

Finished Time: 36:45

After our run, we spent some time shopping and then headed to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! What a cool place! We spent literally hours there, checking out all the cool things related to Music and Rock N Roll. I highly recommend checking it out.

Wonderful place to lose and afternoon 🙂


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