Epic 40th Birthday – 5K

Epic 40th Birthday 5K

I have always wanted to go to Disney and run the Tinkerbell 10K, because it falls every year on my birthday. Unfortunately, there was no way I was getting there for my 40th, but I wanted to something EPIC anyway!

So…For my 40th birthday John and Laurie planned a huge surprise for me!

It was an EPIC 5K run in my honor!

It was perfect! John arranged for us to run at the Dome in Marden, this is typically the place we run in the winter months because it is indoors. He even asked Laurie to tag along, knowing how much she likes running.

When I arrived and headed out onto the track…


I was blown away to see my family and friends all gathering together screaming and cheering. Some even had signs!

Laurie had planned every detail… Some of my family and friends ran the 5K with me, while others cheered and clapped as we passed them with each lap.

At the finish line my Mom placed an EPIC medal around my neck….complete with Tinkerbell on the front! My kind of run!

The bibs were printed with Tinkerbell on them, my cake had Tinkerbell on it and even the MEDALS HAD TINK on them!

Outside, I released 40 balloons. To me it was a symbolization of the last 40 years flying away, and the next 40 about to begin.

Then I was whisked away on a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls!

What an amazing day and a birthday that I will NEVER forget!

What I have learned in the past 40 years:

Forgive quickly

Love fully

And appreciate the little things.


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