Martian – 10K


Off to Dearborn MI for the Meteor 10K!!

As we approached the town of Dearborn it became apparent that we were about to become apart of something really awesome…the entire town was decked out in martians!!!
Shop windows, light posts and even street signs!

How Exciting!!!

From the website and marketing of this event right down to the results at the finish line, everything was amazing!!

The event website was the first place I noticed this run was superior to all others, just the FUN and catchy lingo used in describing the run and all the events, it really made you feel like this was going to be a great event.

Every email that came leading up to event day, was full of information but also filled with Martian lingo and terminology.

The expo was huge! Tons of vendors and lots to see, purchase and learn.
I love events that have a large expo because running items are so hard to find…It’s nice to go to an expo that is geared towards fitness and running. Seeing new products and seeing product not offered in our country yet was cool too. 🙂

We booked our room at the host hotel and were so glad that we did!!
Not only did it have very reasonable rates but it also offered special perks to those running the event.
We were offered a free shuttle to and from the run which made parking a non issue. Plus they offered all runners a free EARLY breakfast so that we could fuel before our run.

The night before the event we ate at a local Pizzeria called Buddy’s Pizza located on Michigan Ave a few blocks from the hotel. The place was PACKED but we heard so many good things about it we decided to wait for a table. We each ordered our own personal pan pizza’s and were blown away at the flavors! The price and service of this restaurant complimented the food amazingly.

Run day –

We took advantage of the early breakfast it was a continental breakfast of fruits and pastries nothing too heavy before our big run.

The shuttle took us within a few blocks of the start line which was perfect for a little warm up walk to the start line.

No corrals for this event but it didn’t seem to matter. We found a spot in the middle of the pack and stood among our fellow runners waiting for the run to begin.

The course was beautiful through parks and trees mostly, we were only on a main road for a short amount of time. However, the traffic was kept far enough away that we didn’t really notice it.

We finished with a respectable time of 1:21 earning our totally cool finisher medal.

Emotional at the finish line as Laurie, having just completed her very FIRST 10K, says to me,

 “You know every time I cross the finish line, I say to myself, He may have slowed me down, but he never stopped me!” 
— Referring to the drunk driver who hit her in a car accident. 

The strength and courage she has demonstrated throughout her healing process is nothing short of amazing.

I feel honored to run along side of her as she proves over and over again that NOTHING will hold her back! ❤


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