Rugged Maniac – 5K

You could spend your Saturday running errands or binge-watching TV, but wouldn’t it be more fun to do something absolutely insane with your friend?!

Strong is the new sexy…or should I say Rugged is the new sexy?!?!

What an awesome birthday gift given to me by my friend, Tina.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to run around outside with your friends climbing trees, jumping in puddles, playing tag, and just plain having fun?

Well Rugged Maniac is simply an adult version of that!

27 epic obstacles for us to play on like fire jumps, water slides, trampolines, and underground tunnels, put them in a 5K course, and then throw a crazy party with plenty of beer and music!

This mud run was located in Kitchener so it was nice and close to home.

Tina and I always have so much fun together. This was the most perfect birthday gift, and what a blast we had getting dirty together!

We attempted to complete all challenges and finished strong!

Thank you “T” for an amazing day!

We received an awesome Medal and cool T-shirt!

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