She said “YES” – 5K

She Said Yes 5K

The first time I have ever planned a running event and I must say I didn’t do too badly.

This event was an alternative to a Stag and Doe…

It was a 5K/2K event to raise funds for the Bride and Groom.

Since running has been a huge part of the Bride’s life this past year, she decided to put together an event where all those near and dear to her,  could share in her hobby while raising some funds for their upcoming nuptials.

Not everyone likes running as much as the Bride, so there was a 2K option for those people who wanted to walk.

I called in a lot of favors and tried to pay close attention to the details…

There was a raffle table, a Joker game, a balloon pop game, pies in the face and my favorite event….The Egg Toss!

We made personalized race kits which included a hand crocheted bow-tie for each runner (made by yours truly) 🙂

The event generated several dollars and a whole lot of fun.

A great day for all!

The best part was seeing all of my family and friends come together to help.

Whether it be by running in the event, manning a table, running games or just by sending warm wishes, I appreciate everyone who put forth so much effort to make this day an awesome success…THANK YOU!!

Maybe planning running events is in my future? Hmmm.

The Bling was a diamond with sparkles and the bibs were personalized for an added touch!

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