Paws for a Cause – 5K

This was our second year running this event.
It is a fun run, therefore it isn’t timed, which is a good thing, considering there were lots of animals to see along the route!

This year there was over 600 runners, and all together we raised over $18K for the Polar Bears!

It was a nice February day, a little cool but not too bad.

The zoo isn’t exactly flat, so it was a bit of a challenge.

The best part by far was getting to meet Baby “Juno” the brand new baby polar bear!

She was so freaking cute, and totally worth the wait in line to see her.
The reason they named her Juno, was because she was born on Nov 11th, Remembrance Day and was adopted shortly there after by the Canadian Armed Forces.

This year was only the third year this event has run and each year it gains more and more runners, and more and more funds to help the polar bears.

Bears are near and dear to Laurie’s heart, I think it is her spirit animal…I suspect we will be running this event many more times 🙂

We received Hot Chocolate and Warm Chilli at the finish line, along with our cool Medal which featured baby Juno.

What a great day!

#blingjunkie #torontozoo

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