Seven Bridges – 10K

The sun was out in full force today! It was HOT! HOT! HOT!!
Who knew it would be this hot in May!!?

This was the first annual Seven Bridges Run in Orangeville, ON

We were excited about this run because it was new, the location was close to home and the medal was cool.

We choose the 10K because it offered ALL seven of the bridges,and we didn’t want to miss any. 🙂

The event was well organized with the exception of a few bad apples on the volunteer staff. Our finishing time wasn’t the greatest but we haven’t ran in a while so I am happy with this time.

Laurie’s son, Angus joined us for this run, it’s so awesome seeing someone so young be into running events 🙂 We had such a good day together.

The route was beautiful!! Bridges, Water and Woods…makes this run a very scenic one.

Finish medal was cool and it has a printed ribbon and bid to match.


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