Shopper’s Love. You. – 5K

The Shoppers Drug Mart  “Love You” Run 5K

Sometimes you come across a run that is for such a good cause, it’s hard to pass up. Even if it doesn’t have any BLING 🙂

The Love You run is a charity event with proceeds supporting Women’s Mental Health, something both Laurie and I have struggled with.

This event looked like it would be a ton of fun, and we wanted to be apart of it.

We also wanted to share our love of running with two very important people in our lives… Our Mom’s.

For Mother’s Day this year we presented our Mom’s with certificates to join us at this run.

Little did they know, this run was a celebration of them, for everything they have done for us through the years and everything they continue to do for us. As our way to say “Thank you” to them.

The best part is, we found Mom medals perfect for this event, and they offered a second medal to be presented to our mom’s!!!

At the finish line, each of our Mom’s presented us with our medal and congratulated us on a job well done.

Then we pulled out two more medals and presented it to them, (our mom’s) telling them that this run was dedicated to them. To honor them and to Thank them.

After the run went for brunch and spent some time chatting and laughing. It was a wonderful day out our Mom’s.

The race kit and swag for this event was awesome. Lot’s of products from Shoppers in the kit. Unfortunately, no medal but a really nice Tech T 🙂

It was a lovely Mother’s Day for all.

#blingjunkie #runforwomen #loveyou


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