Shawshank Hustle – 7K

John and I traveled by motorcycle to participate in the Shawshank Hustle 7K.

This run takes place in Mansfield, Ohio at the former Ohio State Reformatory and is based on the popular movie, “Shawshank  Redemption” (which happens to be one of Johns favorite movies. 🙂

The start/finish line was at the former prison grounds, and included with your race kit was a free admission to tour the old prison.

Since package pick up was Friday night at the Reformatory, we decided it would be better to tour the grounds that day instead of on run day.

What a good idea that ended up being…there was hardly anyone there on Friday.

So it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!

We toured every nook and cranny in the place (well the places we were authorized to go into of course)

The prison was closed in the 1990’s so it was in rough shape but the size and the amount of cells inside just totally blew my mind.

Interesting fact: The Ohio State Reformatory started as a boys juvenile facility.

As we walked through I would picture parts of the movie and see rooms and areas that I remembered seeing from the movie.

It was a pretty cool place to see and we learned some cool and creepy stories about the prison also.

We were very fortunate to have family close by, so we stayed with them during our trip.

My nephew Davis and his girlfriend Alexa, accompanied us to the run on Saturday morning.
Just knowing they were there cheering us on, fueled us to push harder.

But… boy or boy, Mansfield is a tough run!!

Which is good in a way…I mean, you would expect a prison run to be tough, but the hills in this beautiful town were killer

The route took us through the center of town and past some of the famous locations that were seen in the movie, which was pretty neat.  We didn’t stop to explore but it was cool to see them.

One of the most moving and memorable parts about this run for me actually had nothing to do with the prison or the movie…running through town and seeing the shop keepers standing outside waving and cheering for us as we ran by just filled my heart.

What a beautiful town.

This was a hard run for us, but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Can’t wait to add the ball and chain (glow in the dark) medal to my collection!



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