Disney Running Series – Run #1 – 5K

I have always dreamed of completing a Disney Run but the travel and the finances to make that happen just never allowed me the chance to get there to do it.

This year Disney created a Virtual Run Series so that those who can’t get to Disney can still earn a kick ass Disney Medal!

In this series there are three 5K runs that are to be completed anywhere you like over the Summer of 2016, once completing ALL three runs, a FOURTH medal is awarded for a job well done!

I saved my runs to be completed while I was on vacation. This way I can stay active while on holiday, run in provinces I have never ran before and get some DISNEY BLING to add to my collection! 🙂

The medals are hands down the most amazing, after all they are MICKEY MOUSE!!

John and I wore a pair Mickey ears that I whipped up the night before, to compliment this run perfectly.

This first run was completed in Beautiful P.E.I. running along the coast.

The blue sky, Red sand and rolling waves made this run a dream come true.

Earning my FIRST EVER DISNEY MEDAL…  Mickey’s Shoe 🙂



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