Disney Running Series – Run#3 – 5K

Run #3 in our Disney running series…our last and final run.

I have wonderful memories of this bridge as a child. Travelling down east several times a year, we would always making the detour off the main highway to travel across the “World Longest Covered Bridge”.
So when I decided to earn my Disney medals in the Maritimes, I knew that one of the runs HAD to be this bridge!

“The World’s Longest Covered Bridge”

It is 1,282 feet (391 m) long, and it crosses the Saint John River from Hartland to Somerville, NB.

There is a pedestrian walkway that is perfect for running.. (Except for the spiders)

The small quaint town of Hartland, New Brunswick where the population is only 947 people is home of the World’s Longest Covered Bridge, and now I can say John and I have ran that bridge TWICE!

Earning our third Medal… Mickeys Shorts!

Once this run was completed we successfully earned our FOURTH exclusive Disney Medal!

Mickey Mouse!

We ran the East Coast earning FOUR Disney Medals!




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