Jingle All The K’s – 5K

What a wonderful way to spend the last day of the year!

This run marks my 19th run of 2016 and earning my 20th medal of the year!!

Laurie and I planned to do this virtual near Christmas but time got away from us…however, it ended up working out perfectly!
We had a great day and a good run!

We spent the rest of the day recommitting to our 2017 running goals and strategizing on how we were going to reach them!

Making a plan and having someone to hold you accountable, will help us to not backslide while aiming for that BIG goal in 2017!

Running in the winter is breathtaking.

Running along the road, the trees covered in snow, the crisp burn of the cold air in your lungs, there is just nothing else like it.

The fight within you to not only stay warm, but also to complete! Never wanting to give up on yourself..pushing that extra little effort.

The finish, when your lungs are burning, your legs are weak and your mouth taste like chalk…and the satisfaction in knowing you just did what most people wont, you just completed something you set your mind to and you just proved to the most important person of all…yourself…that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Winter running is just beautiful.



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