Mudcat Fishy – 5K

Laurie gave me this run weekend back in February, for my birthday.

This Fishy 5K was the first of back to back 5K’s

Friday evening as the sun is setting, we run along the water.

This was the first year this event was running so it was a smaller turn out, and the run itself started late!? That never happens in the running world. I haven’t seen a run start late…ever.

This was very disappointing.

The way they set up the snacks at the end was awkward, kind of in the middle of an empty parking lot. They had run out of granola bars by the time we got there, but we grabbed a banana and headed to a near by park bench.

Laurie had dropped a cast iron frying pan on the top of her foot a few days before this run.

Determined to complete this weekend races, she laced up and got ready to go…

We didn’t get far before Laurie’s foot was too painful in her shoes. The shoe itself was rubbing right on the spot where she hurt her foot.

Instead of quitting, she took her shoe and sock off. Then proceeded to complete her 5K run!

Laurie completed that run with one shoe on and one bare foot! THE FULL 5K!

“She’s a MACHINE!”

That medal was well earned, and very beautiful. A die cut mud-cat fish with a colorful body and blue ribbon.

We headed back to the room, so we could get her foot up and iced.

A wonderful day and evening, just being us!

#blingjunkie #mudcat



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