Mudcat Riverfront – 5K

Run #2 This weekend!

This was our sunrise riverfront run.

My Birthday gift from Laurie this year.

She not only signed us up for Friday Night’s 5K but she also registered us for the Mudcat Challenge…which means if we complete the back to back 5K’s (Friday night and Saturday morning)… we will earn the Mudcat Challenge special medal!

THREE medals…Two Runs…and a weekend away!

Laurie had completed the Friday night 5K with one bare foot, due to prior injury, so for this run, she is wearing one running shoe and one flip flop.

I said it before and I will say it again…She’s a Machine! The determination and strength she has within her is so inspiring.

I wish I could say this day two event was better organized then the last, but sadly it wasn’t. 😦

Again we started late, without a timing mat or a start/finish arch. They were having technical difficulties.

At the finish line we had to wait in line to get checked off a list to received our challenge medal, not a big deal, but it would have been better if our bids were marked so standing in line could be avoided.

We stopped on our way out of town to visit with Muddy, the mudcat!

Wonderful weekend away, combining the two things I love…Running and spending time with my friend. 🙂

Bling Bling! The medals for this even were amazing! 2 days 3 Medals!

#blingjunkie #mudcat


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