Epic Canadian – Bull Moose Challenge

Four runs…Five Medals…One Epic Weekend!

Friday – “Epic @ Night 6.1K”

Saturday – “Maple Leaf 10K” & “The Canadian 5K” (Back to Back)

Sunday – “The Epic Quarter Marathon”

What an event of a lifetime!

Not only are we running in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia, but we are also celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday!! Canada only turns 150 once! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Along with my Bestie and Nephew, I headed to Nova Scotia to take part in an event that promised to be the most memorable and epic experience, and I can tell you one thing for sure, they didn’t disappoint.

This weekend marked my 70th event since taking back my life and getting more active. After this many events you would think… not only would I be extremely prepared but likely, I would have seen it all… I was wrong.

This event was extremely well planned, organized and executed! To say I was impressed would be an understatement! I have never been to an event that was so large but yet made you feel like you were all family!

From Judy, who helped us sort out a race kit error… to Tim, the race director standing out in the absolute pouring rain high fiving those who crossed the finish line, (A personal touch that is usually lost in races of this size) The weekend was truly amazing!

This race marks my second in the province on Nova Scotia, and I have to say, there just isn’t a more welcoming community! From the people on the streets cheering us on, to the many volunteers, organizers and police officers…This weekend was by far beyond my expectations.

Unfortunately it was a saggy/wet weekend, which prevented us from having fireworks or attending the outside concert, but you can’t control the weather. The organizers of this event didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits or ruin this event. If anything the rain made things more EPIC!!

We booked a room at the Hearthstone Inn, the only hotel on the actual running route. This was PERFECT! The hotel was actually across the street from the Start/Finish line for all four races!

Finding a hotel this close to the event means we didn’t need to rent a car to get around 🙂 Can you say cost savings?!

Day one started out ok, the weather was cloudy but otherwise nothing too crazy. Unfortunately, that only lasted about half way through our 6.1K. Then Mother Nature decided we needed to get a little wet, just to make things a little more interesting.

My phone received a lot of water damage and stopped working! 😦 I thought I had it protected but by the time the race was over there wasn’t a square inch on me that was dry. I was drenched. No Phone means no photos!! 😦

(If you knew me, you would know that me without a camera is like peanut butter without jam…it just doesn’t work!) So losing the ability to capture this amazing event was heart breaking!

Day one complete! Received one shirt, one medal and lost one phone :/

Day two was bound to be interesting because not only did I lose my ability to take photos, I also lost my music!!! No pictures and No Music! Oh boy this is going to be tough!

Day two brought even more rain than day one, and by the end my shoes were completely toast! The insoles had completely detached form the lining of the shoe. So when I ran or even walked the insole would bunch up at the toe of my shoe! It was very uncomfortable.

I ran two races that day, back to back! Now when I say back to back, I don’t mean we ran one race, had a cool down, a bite to eat and a little rest…oh no…Not us…We literally ran through the finish line and directly into the start of our next run! We made it just in time to hear the gun go off! Talk about cutting it close!

Day two complete! Received one shirt, two medals and lost one pair of running shoes  :/

Later in the evening, after we had rested, refueled and the rain had stopped, we ventured down to the ferry so we could check out Halifax. Along the way we came across this beautiful statue (we actually ran by it on our runs, but hadn’t noticed it)

It was a tall statue of a silver dragon fly. When we looked a little closer, we noticed an open book that read:

“The loss of a child is suffered by parents, family, friends, neighbors and the community. We dedicate this park in honor of the memory of our children.”

My heart swells…

The Dragonfly Story

In a pond, under the lily pads, water beetles live.Sometimes they feel immense sadness when a beetle climbs the stem of a lily pad and is gone forever. One day a little beetle climbed the stem. She was sure she would return home to tell what she discovered. She broke through the surface of the water and lay on top of the lily pad. As she slept in the warmth of the sun, her body changed into a magnificent, colorful dragonfly with wings. She soared and discovered a new world. She remembered her family and friends and wanted to ease their pain, but her new dragonfly body could not break the surface of the water to return to them. She knew, when it was their time, they too would join her and fly off into a joyous new life.”

What a wonderful way to honor and remember our lost children. Moved by the dragonfly story and the way that Dartmouth has honored their lost children, we pause to reflect. I say a silent prayer for the two babies I lost, who I know are watching over us. Until we meet again my angels.

We continued down to the ferry dock and headed into Halifax to take in the sights. The harbor is so beautiful and I love going into all the little shops and seeing all the cool boats and ships.

We did a little shopping at the Cool Moose and decided to have dinner at Murphy’s Restaurant which is located right on the board walk. We had a lovely view of the water and were able to see ships as they passed by. It was a very nice atmosphere and really great food.

Day three (my longest run) had to be done without music, without pictures and without any insoles!! Since it was a holiday weekend, nothing was open for me to purchase new insoles, so I pulled on my big girl panties and pushed on through. By the time I crossed the finish line, my feet wanted to disown me!

The route around Lake Banook in the heart of Dartmouth was beautiful and challenging with a few pretty steep hills. It would have been cool if all four runs headed in opposite directions so that out-of-towners (like me) could see even more of Dartmouth! 🙂

Day three complete! Received one shirt, two medals, one Hoodie and a ton of wonderful memories!

The FREE professional photo’s was a wonderful perk to this event, especially since I had no way to take any pictures. Most races of this size have photos for purchase only! Another reason why this run was a cut above the rest!

The swag was OFF THE HOOK!!! We participated in the BULL MOOSE challenge, which means we completed the most runs, received the most medals (of course) and the best swag! Three shirts, one awesome hoodie, one toque (for registering early) , a bag full of little goodies and… FIVE MEDALS!

BLING-BLING!! – Each medal is beautifully designed and complement each other very nicely. The ribbons also have a nice design on them, as well as being stamped with the year and distance. A very nice touch. I really like it when the ribbon is just as beautiful as the medal.

Three of the five medals have the Canada 150 colorful logo on them :).  The smallest medal is the 5K while the Quarter marathon medal is the biggest.

The coolest has to be the 10K as the entire center spins!

My favorite however; remains the “It’s not easy. It’s Epic” medal, simply because it symbolizes my completion of all four races and for me this was NOT EASY but was very EPIC! 🙂

At the end of Sunday’s race, the mayor of Dartmouth was handing out Canada 150 pins to each participant. He welcomed us personally to Dartmouth. I know that doesn’t seem like much but it really was wonderful to see him supporting this amazing event!

All in all this event truly lived up to its name. It was EPIC that’s for sure!


#blingjunkie #epiccanadian

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