Foam Fest – 5K

My daughter, Rebecca and I had a mother-daughter day playing in mud and foam!

What a blast!!

Rebecca purchased our tickets for this event as my gift for Mother’s Day!

I’ve always told my kids that the best gift they could give me is their time…well what better way to spend our time than getting “Filthy Clean” together?!?!

We were both nursing leg injuries so speed wasn’t our strong point in this event, but fun most definitely was!

We took our time and really enjoyed the event, no rushing from obstacle to obstacle. Just walking and talking 🙂

The time I spend with my children is the most valuable and special to me.

I am truly blessed to have wonderful kids and the ability to do events like this.

What a ton of fun!

I would highly recommend this event! You get a little dirty along with a whole bunch of clean 🙂

If I had one suggestion for improvement, it would be the parking!

Rebecca and I were very lucky we had someone drive us, and pick us up right at the site, however, the line up for the parking, and then the even bigger line up to get on a shuttle, was ridiculous! There was no on site parking available and parking was not within walking distance.

If they host at the same location next year, I would suggest leaving at least an hour or more before your start time or getting someone to drop you off at the gate.

Besides the parking this event was a BLAST from start to finish!

Excellent Bling, Cool FREE towel, Free Photos and reasonably priced swag!

Loved this event!

#blingjunkie #foamfest


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