Run with Pride – 5K

What a super fun day!

Laurie and I were excited to be participating and showing our support for this event.

We dressed up into our rainbow gear and headed to London for this colorful 5K.

Unfortunately, we got off to a late start, and not wanting to be late I thought I could make up some time on the highway….sad to say, the Police didn’t think that was such a good idea… 😦

Even though I received the gift of a speeding ticket, we still  managed to make it in just the nick of time!

This was a very fun and welcoming event.

The course was lovely except for the sewer smell close to the turn around point. 😦

There was a TON of food at the finish line including Subway! All for free!

From what I understand this was the first year this event ran and I have to say it went beautifully! Very well organized!

The bling was as colorful as the event!

No Shirt included in this run.



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