Monster Dash – 5K

What an awesome day spent with Family and Friends!

This marks my brother in law’s very first 5K event!

We had a superhero theme and ran with it. I love dressing up for runs!!

John and I completed this run a few years ago, when it was at a different location. I prefer this location even though we had a few issues with the parking.

We arrived at the location and paid to park ($5) then we were told we parked in the wrong location, but we weren’t able to get our money back. No big deal, just really confusing. There should have been better signs for parking and the parking attendant should be made aware, to avoid this in the future.

The package pick up and staging area was a little confusing and chaotic. It seemed like they were trying to have a pre-run plan, but it wasn’t executed very well. 😦

Pizza’s arrived before the run began, and was going fast. Most races have the food at the end, not so much at the beginning.  It makes for running on a full tummy difficult.

The route was beautiful!

The medal was a very cool coffin that opened to reveal a skeleton! We also received a small blanket instead of a shirt. (I had my shirt from last time)

All in all, this was a very fun event!

#blingjunkie #monsterdash



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