Bearing the Cold for Wildlife – 8K

“Bearing the cold for wildlife…and to the outdoors I go, to lose my mind and find my soul!”

When I came across this virtual run, I had to get it for my friend Laurie.

Laurie has a soft spot for bears, so I knew this was the perfect birthday gift for her.

I placed my order for two virtual run kits and mapped out a route.  I wanted the route to be close by and something neither of us had done before.

I found a scenic snowmobile trail that was perfect for our run.

Once the kits arrived, I scheduled a date that worked with our schedules and waited (Not so patiently) for the date to arrive.

Run Day – Knowing the trail would be snow covered we agreed this would likely be more of a hike than a run, but we were up for the challenge no matter how long it would take us.

It was a cool, crisp day with the temperature sitting at -12°C. It had snowed most of the night so all the trees had a fresh blanket of snow covering them.

The sun had just began to poke through the clouds, when we were escorted to our starting line.

The trail runs along the lake, with trees on either side.

It was breathtaking!

Since it is a snowmobile trail, the snow was a little compacted which made hiking on it a little easier. Hiking in heavy winter gear however, added its own form of difficulty.

I love the virtual run kits for this event!

The racer back tank fit perfectly, has a great design on the front and I love the verse on the back! I knew choosing the tank over the T-Shirt was a strange choice given the time of year, but I have a ton of T-Shirts and not too many tanks, so I figured a tank was a better choice in the long run 🙂


Ok… let’s talk bling! This is a beautiful medal! The ribbon is red plaid with “Bearing the cold for Wildlife”  on one side and “Flex It Pink” on the other. The medal is a wooden cut out of a bear. Etched onto the side of the bear is the same verse from the back of our shirts  “…and to the outdoors I go to lose my mind and find my soul”

I Love IT!

The virtual run stated we needed to complete 5 or 10 KM route, instead, we completed 8 KM. 🙂

With virtual runs you can do it just about anywhere, which makes virtual runs very flexible. However, I sometimes miss the people and the atmosphere that a scheduled event brings.

I was so thrilled to find a bear themed run, for a good cause, with crazy bling for my inspiring and amazing friend.

Spending the morning with Laurie, on the beautiful snowy trail was the perfect way to celebrate her birthday!

This isn’t the first Flex It Pink virtual run we have done, and it likely will not be the last. Their products, customer service and encouraging staff make them a cut above the rest!

Thank you

This run marked my last run in 2017.

I can’t wait to see whats in store for 2018. 🙂

#flexitpink #blingjunkie

One thought on “Bearing the Cold for Wildlife – 8K

  1. This was an AMAZING birthday gift and I LOVED the whole theme!!!! The bear, the outdoors, and being at 1 with nature.
    The medal is amaaaaaazing, definitely a favourite of mine!!!!! Paired with the themed bib and tank just put it over the top!
    The weather was cold, and the boots were heavy, but WE DID IT!

    Liked by 1 person

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