Polar Rush

Another amazing day in the snow!!

I absolutely LOVE this event!!

When adults can be big kids and play in the snow, you know this is an event for you!

This event takes place on my birthday weekend each year, so for the past couple years this is what I request for my birthday. Just the day with my family playing in the snow. What better way to celebrate!?

There is just way too many fun things we stop doing once we become adults, and this event gives us the opportunity to be a kid again if only for a little bit. Playing in the snow with our adult children, like the old days, is a real treat 🙂

This event was well organized with lots of challenging and fun obstacles. My favorite being the tubing and crazy carpets! Scary but a TON of F-U-N!

We all had toques from last year so this year we choose the gloves and a t-shirt as our swag items.

The kit pick up was on event day at the event location making this better for out of towners, like us. The medal was a bit bigger than last year and had a little bit of sparkles throughout the mountains.

Located in beautiful Barrie, there was no worries about not having enough snow!

The other thing that sets this event above others is the FREE photos, and these are not just snap shot photos, these are really amazing action shots 🙂  Being a photo nut myself, this makes me very happy!

I highly recommend this event…Why not have some fun in the snow?! 🙂





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