Pot O’ Gold – 4 Miler

What a lovely day it turned out to be.

The sun was finally shining and we were off to Flint, Michigan to participate in the Pot O’ Gold – 4 Mile Run!

The registration for this run was my Christmas gift from Laurie, and I had waited a long time to redeem  🙂

We arrived early and were pleasantly surprised to find a great parking spot right out front of package pick up, which also happened to be the start/finish line.

Kit pick up was located inside the auditorium of a mosque, right downtown.

Quick and easy.

They had a few little booths set up, and a bunch of chairs and tables for people to keep warm and get their costumes ready.

The shirts in our kits were really large, bigger than most running gear that usually fits small.  This worked in our favor since it wasn’t the warmest weather 🙂

Also the plastic hat that came in the kit didn’t fit 😦  I think they were geared towards children.

We had so much fun at the event. The people were super friendly and the medal is really cute… A pot O gold with a leprechaun 🙂

Perfect start to our girls weekend away….One down two more runs to go!




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