Spring Run-Off – 5K

For the second time in our running career, John and I tackled the Spring Run-Off 5K

This is a beautiful course in High Park, with lots of hills and beautiful scenery.

We completed this race back in 2014, so we were excited to be tackling it again.

Parking is always an issue because they closed off the park entrance so you are unable to park inside.

Street parking is the only option and it is a bit of a hike into the start line. Never the less we found a good parking spot and headed to the starting line.

It was a cool morning, sitting at only -2, with strong winds it felt more like -20.

As in previous years, this was a very well organized event…They had several runs going at the same time and planned each one perfectly, so they would not overlap.

A perfect medal for a Spring race… The medal is powder blue with birds and flowers etched on the front.

The tech shirts fit to size and were very comfortable under all my layers.

Kit pick up was pretty easy, though I would prefer same day kit pick up instead.

We’re from out of town, so driving into Toronto twice in one week makes the cost of this run more expensive than most.

Not to mention finding a legal place to park so you can run in and get your kit.

A great first run of the season for John and an excellent training run for our upcoming Half.

#springrunoff #blingjunkie





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