CN Tower Climb

I participated in the CN Tower climb for World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

144 Flights of Stairs to the very TOP of the CN Tower = 1776 stairs!

It turned out to be a pretty good day.

The way this event works, is perfect for out of town climbers!

First of all you can do everything the day of the event, kit pick up and pledge forms…All on event day! Perfect! No driving to Toronto twice in one week!

Also the event is run from 7 am – 12 noon, and you are welcome to go at anytime during this time period, so no worries if you get stuck in traffic. There is no set time, as long as you arrive before the last heat at noon.

With there not being a set time to start, it makes the whole event way less stressful!

Driving into Toronto on a good day is stressful enough, not having to worry about making it at a certain time, makes things way better!

Having done this event before I was pretty sure I know what to expect, but I was presently surprised at how much BETTER the organization of this event was.

I always thought they did a great job! However, this year was the best yet! Complete with paw prints telling you where to go and in what order to proceed. Check in was quick and easy, the climb itself was difficult, but still fun.

On the way up the tower they had children’s art work encouraging us and reminding us why we are doing this. “Keep Going…For the animals”.

My Friend, Destiny had never been in the CN tower before so I think this was an excellent way for her to see it and what a great sense of accomplishment when we reached the top!!

#cntowerclimb #blingjunkie






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