Mississauga – Half Marathon

Four of us set out to conquer this Half Marathon course.

For Laurie and myself, this marked our second Half Marathon. For John and Angus, this was their first time.

We agreed ahead of time that we would each run our own race. John wanted to try and keep up with Angus, while Laurie and I usually do our own thing.

When the gun went off the sky filled with colorful confetti! It was beautiful! The most amazing start to the race!

There was a lot of people at this event, so we were quickly separated. John and Angus were ahead of me, but I wasn’t sure where Laurie was.

No matter what, I was going to finish this race come hell or high water!

At about the 8KM mark I spotted John, so I pushed myself even harder to catch up to him. I was happy to see him and it was nice to help each other through the rest of the race.

We eventually caught up to Laurie,  but only for a brief moment. It turned out that by pushing myself to catch John, I over extended and was paying the price. My muscles were seizing and tight. I want to say I was more prepared for this race than the last one but that extra effort put into catching John played havoc on my muscles. 😦

John’s knee was also bothering him so it kind of worked out for the best. We  pushed each other to the finish.  I was so proud of him for not giving up. It was a tough one but we finished!

All four did an amazing job, and we’re very proud of our accomplishments!


#blingjunkie #mississaugamarathon




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