Mud Girl

Silly Boys … Mud is for Girls!

A couple girls from work decided it might be nice to do something fun outside of the office. Why not a Mud Run, geared specifically for women?!

Perfect! Count me in!

The location was perfect for an event like this…Binbrook Conservation Area, in Hamilton. This made for a beautiful course and an even better place to clean off at the end. 🙂

Same day kit pick up is always a nice touch. The kit included a draw string bag (Pink of course), a headband, a bracelet and of course each of us received our medal once we crossed the finish line!

Bling – Bling!

This event was fun from start to finish. We completed all challenges and didn’t give up, even when the task seemed impossible.

Some of the challenges requiring upper body strength were tough but we did it!

One of the hardest parts was just trying not to slip and fall in the mud!

We had a blast!

Never doubt what a little mud and a whole lot of women can accomplish!



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