Three Fathers Memorial Run – 5K

In 2014 a man shot five officers from the RCMP, killing three and severely injuring two others. Since that horrible tragedy, the families of the three fallen officers organized this 5K event in their honor and memory.

Each year, this event is held on Father’s day to honor these officers, as not only protectors of their community but to honor them as the amazing fathers that they all were.

I asked my sister to join me, as our way of not only showing our support for these fallen officers and their families, but also to honor our father on fathers day.

It was Pow Wow weekend for my family, which means it is a very hectic and busy weekend. I flew in for the festivities, and had already done the research and registered both, my sister and myself for this event.

We arrived very early which worked out in our favor because as we were standing there watching the sun rise, I glanced over my left should and to my surprise I see John Stanton standing there! John Stanton, founder of the Running Room! He was right there beside me!

I gave my sister a look, like “Do you know who that is?” and she didn’t understand. So I pulled her aside and explained who he was and that I was currently reading one of his books, and how I had taken one of his “learn to run” classes in the beginning of my running career.

Seeing how star struck I was, she leaned over and says, “Excuse me John, but my sister is a big fan of yours, do you think we could get a picture?”

I thought I was going to die!

I tripped over my words when talking to him, and I honestly can’t even remember what was said. However, I do remember him congratulating me on all the running I have done. Wow!  I must have talked a mile a minute.

The run started with a speech from John, an RCMP officer and a few family members of the fallen officers. Bag pipes played, followed by a really loud jet!

Instead of a gun going off, the race started with an RCMP motorcycle siren. A unique and cool way to start a race.

The route was along the water, and was very picturesque with the sun just starting to greet the day.

At the finish line RCMP officers in full uniform were handing out the medals. I felt proud and honored to be apart of something so meaningful.

On the way home, my sister and I talked a lot about our Dad and some of the fun memories we each have of him.

This was a wonderful day, honoring, remembering, and bonding with my sister. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

#threefathersmemorialrun #blingjunkie

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