She Power – 5K

Well, we are off on another adventure, just me, Laurie and the open road!

To celebrate Laurie’s birthday, I planned a Wild Women Weekend Road Trip! Our first stop is St. Louis, Missouri to complete the She Power 5K.

The She Power run is on our bucket list mostly because the medal is amazing! A large medal with a stain glass dragonfly on the outside, and it opens to reveal another dragonfly on the inside that can be removed for a charm. On the bottom of the medal is a removable bracelet that reads “She thought she could, so she did”… A Perfect medal for Wild Women Weekend!

We weren’t able to make it to the live She Power event this year, so I ordered the medals so we could complete it virtually. The route was perfect for earning this medal!

I wanted to be sure we earned this medal on a route that was worthy of Wild Women Weekend…A route that would have lasting memories… and a route that was a totally cool place to run! After much research, my mind was set on the St. Louis Riverfront Trail! I mapped out a 5K route for us and was excited to surprise Laurie with her first Birthday Medal!

We ran along the St. Louis Riverfront Trail, passing right in front of the Gateway Arch. I couldn’t believe how tall it actually was!  The route followed the riverfront with spectacular views of the arch, the river and the bridges. We ran to the end of the Graffiti wall, did a turn around and headed back to complete our 5K.

Once the 5K was completed, we headed to the Arch for a closer look. After all we are here in St. Louis, why not check it out? I knew Laurie was afraid of height so I didn’t expect to go inside let alone up to the top….but guess what?? It was Laurie who purchased our tickets to the top! I was in complete shock!! I couldn’t believe we were actually going all the way to the top….630 FEET TO THE TOP!!! How exciting!!

Before you purchase your tickets, there is a sample of the “Pods” you have to ride in to get to the top. They are pretty tiny little pods that are supposed to hold up to 5 adults, but I am not sure how 5 grown people would fit! It was a pretty small pod.
There were strong warnings about claustrophobia and people who are afraid of heights, and once we saw the size of the Pod we knew why. It’s a pretty tight squeeze that’s for sure, but the ride up was only 4 minutes and the trip down only 3 minutes, so it wasn’t that bad.

We were assigned our pod number and jumped into line to head to the TOP!! So freaking excited to be going to the top!!! From the outside the arch doesn’t even look like it is even possible to travel to the top, but if you look really closely you can see tiny little windows at the very top. That is where we were headed.

On our trip up to the top, Laurie was doing some deep breathing trying not to freak out too much and to be honest I was a little on the nervous side myself, so I tried to focus on Laurie instead. I made jokes to make light of the situation so it didn’t seem so intense. I don’t know if it helped her at all but it sure did help me 🙂

Once we got to the top, it was pretty narrow, but of course it would be… its an arch after all. It reminded me of the narrow hallway that you go through when boarding a plane.  The viewing area can hold up to 160 people, and there is no time limit once your at the top, you can stay as long as you like. (Keep in mind there are no bathrooms at the top)

There are 16 windows on each side of the viewing area and each window is 7 x 27 inches. In front of each window is a carpeted ledge that you can lay your tummy on and really look down to see how high you are. It was really cool to see the city from this vantage point.

We stayed at the top for a few minutes, long enough to get some pretty cool pictures and see all the amazing views. On one side you could see all of St. Louis, on the other you could see Illinois. It was amazing!!

I am so proud of Laurie! She swallowed her fears and took the ride to the top! It was something I will never forget! We ran 5K in St. Louis, traveled 360 feet to the top of the arch, and earned one kick ass medal!

The most breathtaking finish line to this She Power 5K and the perfect start to our “Wild Women Weekend!”

#blingjunkie #st.louis #shepower5K #thegatewayarch

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