Williams Route 66 – 5K

We arrived in Tulsa for the Williams Route 66 weekend and we were so excited!!! We checked into the ALoft Hotel downtown, which not only was one of the host hotels but it was also on the route! Nice and easy!

We arrived in plenty of time to enjoy the expo and pick up our kits for the 5K event… Or so we thought 😦 Turns out the expo times were changed from 11 – 8 pm to 11 – 6 pm and neither Laurie or myself were aware of it.

We arrived at 6:30 PM 😦 However, after a mild panic attack, we were directed to speak with “Stormy” the race director, he was very apologetic and reassure us that we could pick up our bibs the next day BEFORE the run began. A little inconvenient but at least we can still get our bibs before the race 🙂

Apparently there was a change made while we were travelling, so we wouldn’t have seen the change anyway. It was disappointing, especially since we rushed to make it before 8 pm but in the end it wasn’t a big deal.

The next morning we woke up early and headed straight to package pick up. We received our bibs for the 5K event and headed to the start line. (We had to wait until after the race for the rest of our goodies)

There was a TON of people there…which I LOVE!!! Races with lots of people, makes things way more fun 🙂

It was a chilly morning, with a cool breeze. I was very glad I wore pants!

While waiting for the race to begin, we started talking to a few people. We met a women from Alaska, a fireman who was running in full gear, and we ended up in a long conversation with a wonderful women, who was an American Veteran running with a group called “Team RWB”.

She was so interesting to talk to. We explained how we were from Canada, and she talked about some Canadians she had met while serving her country. She told us about her first Marathon and her #1 piece of advise to us was, “Just do not stop, keep going no matter what!” She also talked about some of her other running events, and how she was so proud to be apart of Team RWB. She was honored when she was able to ran with “Old Glory” … hearing her tell the story…her face beamed with pride…but I have to admit I had no idea who or what “Old Glory” was. Boy, did I feel pretty embarrassed after I asked, only to find out that it is the American Flag! What can I say, I’m Canadian, I had no idea. LOL.  A wonderful women and very motivating! Her love of running and her country shone through in her stories.

When the race began, Laurie and I set out to complete our second 5K of the weekend!  Wild Women Weekend was sure to bring home lots of BLING BLING!!! The route was downtown Tulsa, with parts of the route on the Historical Route 66 highway.

Laurie and I stuck together for this run, knowing we had the big one coming up, we made sure we didn’t push ourselves too hard, but of course, we raced each other once we got close to the finish line.

When we were finished the race, we headed over to the Expo to pick up the rest of our kits and enjoy some much needed retail therapy!

The expo was huge!! Lots of vendors and lots of interesting things to see and buy!! We were on cloud nine! We made our way to the swag booth first because we didn’t want to miss out on any swag items, after all this may be our only time running this event. To my disappointment, they didn’t have a finisher shirt in my size. 😦 They were sold out. Again I was directed to “Stormy” the race director to see if he could do anything…sadly, there wasn’t anything he could do, but he sure did try 🙂 In the end I purchase the next size down, hoping I could find a use for it. We had finally made it to the expo and I wasn’t letting anything ruin the excellent day we had.

At the expo I decided to try something called “cupping therapy” on my back. Let me tell you it isn’t the most comfortable experience but it sure did help my back pain!! It looks scary but it really wasn’t that bad, and the relief after words was so worth it.

With kits in hand, shopping bags by the dozen and huge smiles on our faces, we can safely say we had a kick ass day! We completed 2 of the 4 runs planned for our Wild Women Weekend, and we are pooped!

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