Run Fast or Freeze – 5K

What an accurate name for this race!!
Ottawa was a balmy -17°C (1.4°F)… In translation….IT WAS FREEZING!

My girlfriend and I layer up, for this 5K in Ottawa. This was our first time running this event and from what we heard this wasn’t the coldest year they have had!! I guess we got lucky?
Tell that to my face! My face was so cold, the bitter wind just ripped through all my layers, as if I wasn’t wearing any! It was beyond cold! That’s for sure!
Winter running is great when the sun is out and the path is clear, but running in the bitter cold, with wind and ice on your path… takes a special kind of crazy person…and we were surrounded by them 🙂
The race was an out and back course with no water stations until the end. It was a nice route but it was most certainly cold!!
We appreciated the warm school gym for keeping warm before and after the run.
At the end of the run, there was a plate of food for each runner, along with a hot bowl of chili. There was also a beer for each runner, but it wasn’t open when we were finished so we skipped the line and choose water instead.
The school had some really nice murals on the walls, which made for a good photo opportunity. We took a few fun photos before heading home.
The run was put on by the Richmond Road Races and was very well organized.  We also really enjoyed gathering with fellow runners after the event and talking about upcoming runs.
The was the perfect run to start off our 2019 season!
#blingjunkie #runfastorfreeze #5K #winterrun #richmondroadrace

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