“Thick as Thieves” – 5K Anniversary Run #1

In Celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went on a cruise.

This cruise had 5 ports of call so we decided we needed to run 5k at each port for a grand total of 25K in recognition of our 25 years of marriage! How cool is that?

Immediately I went to work to try and find some scheduled runs at each port of call. Unfortunately, as I suspected, there wasn’t any on the dates we would be arriving, so it was on to plan “B”-

Virtual Run Medals!

I took to the web to find some virtual medals that I felt would represent each port and highlight parts of our marriage that were important to our success.

Hollywood, Florida –

Our first 5K, representing our first five years of marriage. We chose to complete this 5K in Hollywood, Florida. This was the area we were staying while awaiting to board our cruise ship.

We picked a route along the water and headed out before breakfast. The weather was perfect! Not too hot with blue skies above!  We saw some pretty interesting birds along the way and a really cool looking tree, which had a very interesting trunk.

We talked a lot during this run, about the first five years of our marriage and the crazy things we had to do in order to just survive. It is nice to reflect on how far we have come, but it is even nicer to reflect as a couple, because somethings I didn’t remember. 🙂

We completed this 5K in plenty of time to have a good breakfast before boarding the ship for our anniversary cruise.

The medal I choose for this 5K was from US Road Running.

It is amazing!! Very substantial and of great quality! I chose the white Pirate 5K medal for this run because I thought the white glittery bandanna made it seem bridal. The pirate represents that time in our marriage when we were “thick as thieves”. Never knowing what would happen next or where we would get our next meal.

Hard to believe how far we’ve come, I am so thankful for my life and blessed to have an amazing partner to share it with.

“The first five years of marriage we were thick as thieves, but together we concord it all!”

One 5K competed…4 more to go! Next Stop…Puerto Rico!

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