“Key to my Heart” – 5K Anniversary Run #2

San Juan, Puerto Rico –

Our second 5K was completed on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This would mark the hardest of all the 5K runs, as our ship didn’t dock until 3:30 pm. Which means this run would be taking place in early afternoon, when the sun would be at its hottest.

The island is beautiful. We started at the cruise port and headed for the Historical Route of Paseo Del Morro. Along the way we came across the magnificent Raíces Fountain. This fountain is considered to be one of the most romantic spots in Old San Juan, and I would have to agree. In the middle of the fountain there are statues of local people and leaping dolphins. It was breathtaking.

Once we left the fountain, we made our way to Paseo del Morro. This was a stunning route which complimented the ocean views with the history of old San Juan.  The route takes you from the San Juan Gate, towards the entrance to San Juan Bay following the contours of the city walls and directly beneath the imposing El Morro Fort. The route allowed us to enjoy unique views of the city walls, El Morro Fort and the beautiful ocean.

From the San Juan Gate we ran to the end of Paseo del Morro. All the way to El Morro Fort. There is very little shade along this route (so make sure you take along something to drink), though there are several places where you can stop and take a break to enjoy the views, there is no place to purchase water until you return to town.

Along our route we saw quite a few cats just wandering or finding a shady place to sleep. Every so often we would see a Rubbermaid container off the path with holes cut into them for the cats to feed or take shelter from the sun. It was nice to see the community helping these strays to survive their climate.

It also looked like locals use this area to fly kites. We could see a few kites that had crashed into the walls of the old city 😦 We named it the Kite graveyard.

El Morro Fort was built to protect the city of San Juan from seaborne enemies and was first constructed back in 1539. The fort itself was breathtaking. We didn’t venture inside or really do a lot of exploring here but we climbed the stairs to capture the view from above. The old stone walls, bright green grass against the backdrop of the turquoise ocean was a sight I will never forget.  From there we headed back the way we came along the ocean.

Once we reached the Fountain again, the two of us were exhausted and extremely hot! We ended up dipping our heads into the fountain to cool off! I am sure others thought we were crazy, but we didn’t care. It was very refreshing!

The medal I choose to represent such a historical location, was the Copper Bones 5K from Virtual Pace Series. I have ordered from this company before so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in the medal. The Copper Bones medal was designed from the movie “Goonies” (one of my favorites) and represented a key that the main characters needed in order to find the treasure. I saw this as medal as not only representing this amazing historical site, San Juan, Puerto Rico, but also to represent that my husband holds the key to my heart…which is rare and unique. 🙂 ❤

“A strong marriage means holding the key to the other person’s heart”

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