“Ferocious Warriors” – 5K Anniversary Run #4

Punta Cana –

This was a tendered port, meaning we had to transfer from our large ship to a small safety boat, which transported us to the island of Punta Cana. The cruise ship tendered us to a private resort area, which was very clean with stone streets and manicured gardens.

As we arrived on the island we were greeted by some locals who had dressed up to welcome us to the Dominican Republic. This was a really nice touch. After a quick photo op we headed out to complete our 5K.

This port seemed like it would be the most challenging. We were told it wasn’t safe to leave the confines of the resort without an escort. Which made running 5K challenging but not impossible!

We made our own route, weaving in and out of villas and small buildings. We ventured all the way down the pier and back again, before completing our 5K and paying extra close attention to not going beyond the safe areas. The resort was beautiful, and not very busy, so it was great for exploring.

This is a fairly new port for our cruise line, and perhaps in the coming years it will build up to be a pretty happening port! For now we enjoyed the lack of crowds, which made it easier for us to complete our 5K.

The Viking medal from US Road Running, was the perfect medal for this port of call and even more perfect to represent years 15 – 20 of our marriage.  The years where we felt we had to fight like “Ferocious Warriors” to stay strongly connected.

This is our second medal from Us Road Running and we couldn’t be happier with it. I choose this medal to represent Punta Cana, because I felt like tendering to a smaller boat, seemed sort of Viking-ish, and the viking man represents the strong people who live here in the Dominican Republic.

“Together we are ferocious warriors, just like the Vikings, and we slayed that 20 years!”

Look at us GO!

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