“Together Life is a Party” – 5K Anniversary Run #5

Bahamas –

As the sun was rising on Beautiful Bahamas, as our ship was preparing to dock. We could see the resort known as “Atlantis” in the distance. John and I were pumped to be completing our fifth and final 5K, representing the last 5 years of our 25 year marriage!

We left the long port pier and headed towards the beaches. We made our own route for this one, running along the water. We passed Junkanoo Beach. There you could see a stunning view of our ship from the shore!

Then a little further down we approached Long Wharf Beach with some stunning views of where the sand met the ocean and the ocean met the blue sky! Just breathtaking!! Then circled around and through the city, before heading back to the pier. We took some time to stop for a couple of photo ops along the way!

The run itself was a bit challenging especially through town. Several ships had docked and the streets were filled with people, but no matter what, we completed our final 5K!!

Can you believe we even found a Tiki bar that had a photo op!?! I loved this photo stop because the medal for this run was the “Tiki God of Protection and Good Fortune” from Virtual Strides. I thought this Tiki medal was a excellent representation of the island of the Bahamas! More importantly, I felt like it was the most perfect representation of my life with my amazing husband. Our life together has been a party!

Running along the beaches of the stunning island of Bahamas was so surreal. Like a dream come true! The views were fantastic! Blue water and White sand, how could we ask for anything more?!

“Our life together is a party…An Amazing, Adventurous and Exciting life together”

5 runs, 5 Kick Ass Medals, 25 Kilometers in all = One OUTSTANDING 25th Anniversary Trip!!!

I was over the moon thrilled that I was able to find 5 Kick Ass Medals!!

Finally, after searching several virtual running sites, we found the perfect set of medals that really worked with our theme!

Thank you Us Road Running, Virtual Strides and Virtual Pace Series!!

#blingjunkie #virtual #5K #bahamas


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