I have found a passion in running, like nothing I have ever felt before. I am doing something that I never once even imagined that I could ever do.

I have been over weight most of my life, and I have never been very athletic. I played baseball but that is really about it…now that I feel better about myself, and I am a bit lighter…I feel like it is important to try new things.

When I tried running, I was so lost and confused! I didn’t know what a pace bunny was or a split… I had no idea how to breathe or what to wear!

However I didn’t let that stop me…I went for it anyway. Running makes me feel good, it makes me feel alive! Empowered!

I feel proud of myself every time I complete a run, whether it is a training run around my neighborhood or an organized race, I still feel as though I have proven to myself that I can do anything!!!

Running at an event is an amazing feeling!

Beating or setting your best time, the people are always so friendly and the bling is always awesome!

This is about my many adventures, and accomplishing things that I once told myself I could never do.

Life is a Journey of challenges and strength, love and support and pushing yourself from that comfort zone.

Here is a look into my life Journey so far and the people who mean so much to me 🙂

Being active in my life makes me feel alive!

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Enjoy and please leave positive feedback.

Thank you