“Together Life is a Party” – 5K Anniversary Run #5

Bahamas –

As the sun was rising on Beautiful Bahamas, as our ship was preparing to dock. We could see the resort known as “Atlantis” in the distance. John and I were pumped to be completing our fifth and final 5K, representing the last 5 years of our 25 year marriage!

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“Ferocious Warriors” – 5K Anniversary Run #4

Punta Cana –

This was a tendered port, meaning we had to transfer from our large ship to a small safety boat, which transported us to the island of Punta Cana. The cruise ship tendered us to a private resort area, which was very clean with stone streets and manicured gardens.

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“Quest for Life Long Love!” – 5K Anniversary Run #3

St. Thomas –

The beautiful island of St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Simply put this is a stunning port of call! My husband and I had an excursion in the morning, so our run didn’t take place until early afternoon. The weather was great, maybe a bit hot to be running, but if you were just taking in the sights, it would have been a perfect day!

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“Key to my Heart” – 5K Anniversary Run #2

San Juan, Puerto Rico –

Our second 5K was completed on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This would mark the hardest of all the 5K runs, as our ship didn’t dock until 3:30 pm. Which means this run would be taking place in early afternoon, when the sun would be at its hottest.

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“Thick as Thieves” – 5K Anniversary Run #1

In Celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went on a cruise.

This cruise had 5 ports of call so we decided we needed to run 5k at each port for a grand total of 25K in recognition of our 25 years of marriage! How cool is that?

Immediately I went to work to try and find some scheduled runs at each port of call. Unfortunately, as I suspected, there wasn’t any on the dates we would be arriving, so it was on to plan “B”-

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