“Together Life is a Party” – 5K Anniversary Run #5

Bahamas –

As the sun was rising on Beautiful Bahamas, as our ship was preparing to dock. We could see the resort known as “Atlantis” in the distance. John and I were pumped to be completing our fifth and final 5K, representing the last 5 years of our 25 year marriage!

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“Ferocious Warriors” – 5K Anniversary Run #4

Punta Cana –

This was a tendered port, meaning we had to transfer from our large ship to a small safety boat, which transported us to the island of Punta Cana. The cruise ship tendered us to a private resort area, which was very clean with stone streets and manicured gardens.

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“Quest for Life Long Love!” – 5K Anniversary Run #3

St. Thomas –

The beautiful island of St. Thomas is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Simply put this is a stunning port of call! My husband and I had an excursion in the morning, so our run didn’t take place until early afternoon. The weather was great, maybe a bit hot to be running, but if you were just taking in the sights, it would have been a perfect day!

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“Thick as Thieves” – 5K Anniversary Run #1

In Celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went on a cruise.

This cruise had 5 ports of call so we decided we needed to run 5k at each port for a grand total of 25K in recognition of our 25 years of marriage! How cool is that?

Immediately I went to work to try and find some scheduled runs at each port of call. Unfortunately, as I suspected, there wasn’t any on the dates we would be arriving, so it was on to plan “B”-

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Route 66 Road Trip – 5K

Boy did we ever “Get our kicks on Route 66!!”

After our adventures in Tulsa, we headed for home via Route 66. Tulsa to Chicago following as much of Route 66 as possible, stopping at as many roadside attractions as we could along the way. Over 700 miles! It was a great adventure and the PERFECT way to finish our Wild Women Weekend!

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